Product Overview

Datto SIRIS 2 is a complete family of enterprise business continuity solutions, available in both physical and virtual platforms, built from the ground up, for businesses of every size. When downtime isn’t an option, SIRIS 2 is the preferred choice. To get the benefits of SIRIS using hardware you already have, try GENISIS.

  • The features and benefits of Datto’s SIRIS solution are far superior than the other off-site storage solutions we have evaluated in the past, but that’s not what makes Datto a pleasure to work with. From implementation to ease of use, their product aligns with our core services, but their client service is the key reason why working with Datto is such a delight.

    Eric Torres Strategic Initiatives Consultant, River Run Computers
  • Datto SIRIS backup … the best thing since sliced bread.

    Darren Crane Founder and President, DLC Technology
  • Since [Datto] SIRIS ‘tests itself’, it’s been smooth sailing. I am confident in the event of a disaster that my data will be recovered quickly.

    Manny Mamakas President and Managing Partner, Greenwire Solutions
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Product Features

  • Multiple Appliance Platforms

    Multiple Appliance Platforms

    Datto virtual appliances now supports VMware, Hyper-V and XenServer. Our Intelligent Business Continuity solution can now be purchased as a virtual appliance on virtual infrastructure in addition to our physical hardware.

  • Image-Based Backup

    Image-Based Backup

    Using image-based backup allows Datto to take an image (ie: picture) of an entire system, not simply individual files or applications. This contributes to a superior Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and the ability to boot virtual machines. Image-based backup is an integral component of Intelligent Business Continuity.

  • Hardware Upgrades

    Hardware Upgrades

    Datto devices now come standard with Solid State OS Drives for improved speed and reliability, Hot-Swappable Drive Bays for easy scalability, and RAID for added redundancy.

  • Instant Virtualization On-Site and Off-Site

    Instant Virtualization On-Site and Off-Site

    Backups can be virtualized locally to the Datto device or to the secure Datto cloud, instantly, with the click of a button. This unique feature is a key component to intelligent business continuity. Should a local disaster occur, business can continue as usual in the Datto cloud.

  • Encryption


    All data is protected by AES 256 encryption both in transit and in the cloud. Additionally, users have the option to encrypt data locally, and pass phrases can be specified per appliance or per protected machine to meet compliance regulations.

  • Centralized Management

    Centralized Management

    Power is nothing without control, and Datto offers a meticulously refined toolkit for device and account management. A single pane of glass is used to configure devices, schedule backup reports, monitor off-site amounts, set up alerts and more.

  • Advanced Deduplication and Compression

    Advanced Deduplication and Compression

    All data sent off-site is compressed using LZMA2 compression to ensure maximum efficiency and provide a stellar user experience even in low bandwidth and high network traffic environments.

  • eDiscovery Software

    eDiscovery Software

    eDiscovery gives Datto users the ability to perform granular recoveries from Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server. Powered by Ontrack® PowerControls™ from industry leader Kroll Ontrack, eDiscovery makes it easy to search documents, emails and attachments by keyword and restore exactly what you need.

  • ShadowSnap™


    Datto utilizes the image-based ShadowSnap™ agent, developed in conjunction with StorageCraft. ShadowSnap is based on the premise of dual backup engines: application-aware VSS by default, with the engine as a safety net. ShadowSnap is particularly useful in performing bare metal restores as it supports dissimilar hardware.

  • AgentSync™


    AgentSync is Datto’s proprietary technology for quickly and efficiently transferring files to and from the cloud. It allows users to prioritize server backup order, pipeline recovery points, and set up multiple agents to sync off-site simultaneously. This provides greater data integrity, reduces network traffic, and keeps off-site backups up to date.

  • Broad Operating System Support

    Broad Operating System Support

    Datto supports Microsoft Windows operating systems for almost any Windows PC or server that is still production today. Support currently ranges from Windows 2000 to Windows 8 and Server 2012. Granular recovery is also available for Exchange and Sharepoint servers.

  • Bare Metal Restore

    Bare Metal Restore

    Restore full machines quickly and efficiently through our USB Bare Metal Restore process. Go from physical machines to virtual (P2V) or vice versa with our unique dissimilar hardware tool that allows for maximum flexibility when restoring. No drives or cables needed as the system can run completely over the user’s network. Datto uses the latest networking technology to increase speed and performance.

Technical Specifications

  • 500GB-60TB Storage Capacity (Per Unit)

  • Hot-Swappable Drive Bays for Easy Field Upgrades

  • Solid-State OS Drives on All Models

  • Available 2 x 2.4 GHz Xeon Six Core Processor

  • IPMI Standard on Rackmount Units

  • End-to-End Encryption

  • RAID 1 - RAID 10 Storage Configurations

  • Unlimited Server, Workstation and Desktop Licensing

  • 3 Year Hardware Warranty


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