The Datto Academy

The Datto Academy is a knowledge-sharing program designed to provide Partners with all the information and training necessary to get the most value out of Datto devices and services. The more our Partners know the better they can serve end-users and the more successful they become. The Datto Academy combines online training programs, hands on seminars and workshops, and live and recorded topical webinars. The Datto Academy offers both Basic and Advanced training courses.


Advanced Technical Training

The Datto Academy Advanced Training Seminar is a hands-on two day training. Datto offers Advanced Training both at its state-of-the-art training facility at its Norwalk, CT headquarters, and at locations throughout the country.

Advanced Training provides the necessary instruction and information to educate your technicians. The content ranges from basic GUI configurations to in-depth ZFS troubleshooting. After attending the seminar and completing the final exam, attendees will be certified in Tier 1 support issues and various Tier 2 troubleshooting support issues.

Download the Datto Academy Overview Sheet.


Advanced Technical Training

The Datto Academy Advanced Training is making a stops throughout the year to a city by you! Click the link below to see when and where we’ll be.

Click here for the Advanced Training schedule and upcoming dates.


Datto Knowledge Base

The Datto Knowledge Base provides an extensive technical resource repository for our Partners. The database of updated content is accessible 24/7 providing technical information on devices, process, and other information that ensures backups are running at their optimal performance.



Throughout the course of the year Datto hosts webinars that cover many different topics of interest. These topics will help you further learn about Datto’s products and services, how to manage devices more effectively, and how to best market and sell Datto solutions.


Awards & Testimonials
  • Named For The Third Straight Year...

  • We are a very loyal company, once we find something that works we want to stick with it. We’re not going anywhere.

    Pete Robbins Founder of Strata IT
  • Datto topped the best product offering with out-of-this-world customer support. I have had a very pleasant experience adopting Datto products as backup solutions for our clients. Based on my 15 years of industry experience, I can easily say I have never worked with a company that has such thorough and knowledgeable sales and support staff and stands so firmly behind their products and service.

    Jeff Ghaffari VP Operations, ePossible